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HYVE Landscape Design Kit for Your Project

Think outside the box when it comes to outdoor spaces. The HYVE Landscape Design Kit contains everything you need to know about our unique modular furniture range. From design inspiration to technical information and specification, Grillex has got you covered.

Fill out the form to download our HYVE Landscape Design Kit and take your first step towards creating a unique outdoor space for your community landscape project.

Where Design Possibilities
Know No Bounds


With over a thousand ways to configure and combine your outdoor furniture, HYVE hands you control of your outdoor space, allowing you to achieve your design vision. 

Whatever your design goals or compliance requirements, HYVE lets you step outside the box and achieve them in new ways. The design fun starts when the limits are no longer there.


  • Provision for additional stages to be added to existing designs.
  • 60 and 90-degree connectors allow designers to change the orientation of the system.
  • Durable powder coat finishes in a large range of colours.
  • Customise your project with laser-cut logos or messaging, and integrated lighting.
  • Standard product pricing and lead times for semi-customisable modular furniture.
  • 100% Australian made with high-quality materials.
3D Configurator
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Elite BBQ Drawings

Download the Elite BBQ drawings to view the specs in detail.


HYVE Wireless Phone Charger

  • For communication on the go, the HYVE wireless phone charger allows for connectivity outdoors even when apart.
  • Seamless Integration: built into HYVE Connectors for accessibility.
  • Effortless Charging: wireless connection for quick, easy charging.
  • Local Excellence: Australian manufactured.
  • Cutting-Edge Feature: where functionality meets innovation.
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HYVE Bench Seat

  • With its bold stance, the HYVE range is a responsive outdoor seating system that can be manipulated to suit any environment. These durable benches provide comfort, durability and enhanced outdoor living.
  • Customisable: fully welded powder coated aluminium frames
  • Pest-Resistant Design: fully enclosed insect and vermin-resistant extrusions.
  • Anti-Theft Assurance: stainless steel anti-theft fixings supplied.
  • Local Excellence: 100% Australian manufactured.
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HYVE Bar Height Table Setting

  • Elevate your outdoor experience. Whether it overlooks nature or the busy city, the HYVE bar height table setting offers a relaxed setting for users to chat, eat and enjoy the view.
  • Tailored Seating Options: high backed or stool seats available.
  • Customisable Aesthetics: full range of powder coat colours and TimberImage woodgrains available.
  • Versatile Utility: play, work or eat with a supportive frame and hygienic finish.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: made from sustainable aluminium.
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HYVE Table Setting

  • Seamless yet bold, the HYVE table setting features a square profile with contoured edges. Durable materials meet cutting-edge design for a project that ticks all the boxes.
  • Inclusive Accessibility: DDA compliant wheelchair accessible option.
  • Vandalism Protection: anti-skate lugs protect against damage and vandalism.
  • Flexible Functionality: modular design for a functional space.
  • Hygienic Environment: insect and vermin-resistant extrusions.
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HYVE Park Seat

  • A new take on the classic park bench that enables social interaction and enhances physical wellbeing.
  • Versatile Modular Design: connect to other HYVE furniture pieces for an extended system.
  • Aesthetic Variety: full range of classic, deluxe and TimberImage colours.
  • Security with Stainless Steel: anti-theft fixings supplied.
  • Effortless Installation: convenient surface mounting for easier installation.
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HYVE Greencell

  • Bring green spaces back to the city. Contemporary aluminium planter boxes combine natural greenery with an urban feel for the best of both outdoor design worlds.
  • All-Weather Build: made from marine grade aluminium to protect against the elements.
  • Expandable Modular System: connect modules for extended designs.
  • Built to Last: Hardwearing stainless steel fixings.
  • Customisable Aesthetics: full range of powder coat colours.
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  • Bring the office outside with StudiHub. This compact, stylish outdoor shelter solution allows occupants to work or study in comfort and style, either alone or in a group, while enjoying the benefits of nature.
  • Versatile Design: ideal for parks, educational facilities and small spaces.
  • Built to Last: robust, wear-resistant surfaces.
  • Adaptable Workspace: fixed table for eating or studying – two heights available.
  • Ample Seating: seats up to 6 people.
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HYVE Connectors

  • A versatile addition to the HYVE modular range, the HYVE Connector is the ultimate customisation tool for architects. Connect any combination of products in the range, create your dream layout and make your mark on your space.
  • Customisable Angles: 60- and 90-degree configurations available.
  • Tech Convenience: optional wireless phone charging unit.
  • Seamless Integration: fits with any HYVE products.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: full range of powder coat colours available.
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HYVE Wireless Phone Charger Drawings

Download the HYVE Wireless Phone Charger Drawings to view the specs in detail.

HYVE Bench Seat Drawings

Download the HYVE Bench Seat Drawings to view the specs in detail.

HYVE Bar Height Table Setting Drawings

Download the HYVE Bar Height Table Setting Drawings to view the specs in detail.

HYVE Table Setting Drawings

Download the HYVE Bar Table Setting Drawings to view the specs in detail.

HYVE Park Seat Drawings

Download the HYVE Park Seat Drawings to view the specs in detail.

HYVE Greencell Drawings

Download the HYVE Greencell Drawings to view the specs in detail.

StudiHub Drawings

Download the StudiHub Drawings to view the specs in detail.

HYVE Connectors Drawings

Download the HYVE Connectors Drawings to view the specs in detail.

Tailored Solutions to Your Project

Shape the future of your community with HYVE, the modular outdoor furniture system that puts creativity, fun and heart back into your public space designs.
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Full 3D Configurator

Our HYVE 3D Configurator allows you to visualise your design before it is brought to life. Plan, choose, customise, connect and save your furniture designs in 3D. The online configurator is to scale to help you plan out your whole space.

Creative Designs

60 and 90-degree connectors allow designers to combine and connect different HYVE modules.
Change the orientation of the system and create different shapes to suit the flow of your space.

Design Evolution

The design of HYVE modular furniture allows provision for additional stages to be added to existing park spaces or designs. New modules can be added or reconfigured at any time.

Outdoor Lighting

For a touch of ambience or an additional safety feature at night, lighting can be added to HYVE furniture. For added personalisation, laser-cut logos or custom light designs can be added to the ends of seats or connectors. Illuminate your space and your creative vision.

Get in Touch

For more information or to explore the possibilities for your next project, submit an enquiry to see how Grillex can help you.

Get to know our Grillex HYVE Modular Furniture Range

Flexibility and creativity beyond compare. Mix and match our standard range for infinite customisation options. The HYVE Modular Furniture Range allows designers freedom like never before to create unique, appealing yet functional spaces, with a variety of products that can link via our specialised connectors, a broad range of colour and finish options, and other customisations such as laser cut logo or messaging, and feature lights.

In larger projects, custom designs can lead to budget overruns. HYVE offers a cost-effective alternative with standard pricing and standard lead times.

Compliant, council-approved designs are also in your reach. The Grillex HYVE modular furniture is made from sustainable, durable materials to withstand any environment, with long-lasting powder coat finishes, stainless steel fixings and marine grade aluminium.

Download Colour Charts

Convenient installation means you can finish your project quickly and get your outdoor space ready for people to enjoy. As modular furniture pieces with convenient surface mounting, the HYVE range can be installed without hassle. The handy connectors can join furniture in an infinite number of ways, to rapidly and seamlessly deliver an outstanding space.

A simple modular system made from durable aluminium and stainless steel, the HYVE range is designed to install and enjoy for years to come, without endless repetitive maintenance. HYVE products are powder coated, for an easy-to-clean finish that is resistant to stains, splashes and grime. With anti-skate lugs available, HYVE also protects against external damage, reducing time and money spent on repairs.

Download Maintenance Measures

Download Colour Charts

Download our Colour Charts to view options in detail.



Maintenance Measures

Download our Maintenance Measures to view the specs in detail.

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The Grillex Difference

Australian Made

For guaranteed quality and peace of mind, all our products are 100% Australian manufactured, from recycled materials that can be disassembled and repurposed at end of life. With ISO 9001 quality assurance, you can trust your design will last the distance.

20 Year Warranty

If we fail to make your day, call us within 20 years of installation and we will make it right. This is the Grillex 100% Satisfaction Promise.

Short Lead Times

At Grillex, we work hard to ensure your project is completed on time. Our Team effectively manage our resources and timeframes, to bring you the shortest possible lead times.

Eco Conscious

Sustainability is front of mind with all our product designs. Grillex is compliant with ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) and operates in accordance with Environmental and Sustainability Policies.

Inclusive Accessibility

Compliant with standards such as AS1428.1-2009 and AS1428.2-1992, our Grillex team can also assist with the specification process to help meet local council regulations, so you can rest assured you are creating universally accessible spaces.

Supporting Australian Communities Since 1990


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